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How Do You Chuckle?

chuck∙le (chŭk’əl)

intr. v., -led, -ling, -les.
To laugh quietly or to oneself.
To cluck or chuck, as a hen.
n. A quiet laugh of mild amusement or satisfaction.

When you come to Treacy Marketing Group and you sit down at our conference table, you’ll find something a bit unexpected in the center – a bowl of Chuckles candies. You remember those, don’t you? You know, five brightly colored jelly candies sprinkled with sugar and packaged in a wrapper that brings back childhood memories.

You may have thought, if anything, Treacy Marketing Group would serve a boutique candy, a high-end confection with elegant packaging. This is where we have the opportunity to surprise and delight!

We wanted a classic treat for our office that engages people – creates a sense of history and a common thread. We have discovered that handing someone a package of Chuckles is a great way to make an introduction and we love seeing people’s faces light up when they open it.

What we have learned at Treacy Marketing Group is that everyone has a story – “I eat the black one first” – “I eat the black one last” – “my favorite is the orange” – “my favorite is the yellow” – “I save the best for last.” We just heard this one for the first time – “I like to lick the sugar off and then eat them.” Of course, there are always those few individuals who simply start on the left side and eat them one right after the other. We pass no judgment on their commitment to order!

We even have a client who eats them while she is here and then takes a package along to give to her colleague back at the office. But the drive back gets long and, well, there is a packet of Chuckles on the car seat next to her. It is our understanding that her colleague has yet to receive any one of those packets!

Try to eat a package of Chuckles without a plan of attack, it’s hard to do.

Do you have a fun Chuckles memory? Let us know – how do you Chuckle?

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  • Shannon Greene Robb says:

    My chuckles are still in my purse. Completely intact. Because I know if I eat them- then I’ll throw the wrapper away in the garbage- and what fun is it then? I had such a pleasant “chuckle” (if you will) when I got them- I don’t want that to go away! So, every time I open my purse- I smile. Ok- someday my kids will find out they’re in there and they’ll be gone- but, for now. I savor the memory.
    Thank you!

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