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TMG Goes Green

As Treacy Marketing Group makes the transition to paperless invoicing, let us take a look at the environmental impact this one decision will make.

Americans use over 90 million tons of paper, almost 700 pounds per person, per year.  Every ton of paper you help divert from the landfill helps save 1.2 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from going into the atmosphere.  This is an effect of simply the paper we use everyday.

Let us take this a step further.  What resources are being consumed by processing and mailing 1 single invoice?

  1. Paper, ink and electricity for the computer generated invoice.
  2. Paper, ink and electricity for the computer generated mailing label and postage stamp.
  3. Fuel for the post office to pick up the mailed invoice and transport it to the post office.
  4. Electricity and additional resources to process the mailed invoice at the post office.
  5. Additional fuel to deliver the mailed invoice from the post office to you.
  6. Waste from the envelope once you discard it after receiving the mailed invoice.

As you can see, receiving a single mailed invoice utilizes a lot of resources. Now multiply that single mailed invoice by 10, 50 or 100.  You get the idea, right?  Receiving a paperless invoice via email will not only significantly reduce the amount of resources consumed but there are other benefits as well:

  1. Faster and more efficient delivery
  2. Exact date and time of delivery
  3. Email notification that an invoice was received for more efficient record keeping.
  4. Electronic storage of invoices for easy reference.

What impact can electronic storage of files have on your office?  Besides saving resources and creating more space by eliminating paper and filing space, creating folders on your computer can make it easier to find important documents with the click of a mouse.

Consider this, we keep papers in file cabinets because they are important.  What if something were to happen to those papers?  Flood, fire?  What, then, would you do?  Electronic storage eliminates this concern.  Certainly computers can be temperamental on occasion; however computer hard drive backup is another reason to electronically store your files.  Also, electronic files can go wherever you go via laptop computer or PDA; you can’t really take a file cabinet on an airplane.

As you can see, the environmental impact and work efficiency of TMG’s decision to implement paperless invoicing are numerous and far reaching.

What would going paperless mean for your business?