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Environmental Paper Option

Many companies are moving to reduce paper usage within their office. Take, for instance, electronic billing, e-newsletters, and the widely-used email footer “Please consider the environment before printing this email.” Treacy Marketing Group is also doing our part by sending as many documents via email as possible, including design concepts as PDF.

The reality, however,  is that we are still not an entirely paperless society.

The good news is that paper companies are continuing to make strides to be environmentally responsible in their production. A long time player in the paper industry is the brand Lustro, a Number 1 sheet which has been the most specified coated sheet-fed paper of all time. Lustro has recently updated its stock, renaming it LOE (Lustro Offset Environmental) and upgrading from 10% to 30% Post Consumer Waste content. It also has the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody and Sustainable Forestry Initiative fiber sourcing certifications. 100% of the electricity used to manufacture LOE at the Muskegon and Cloquet Mills is Green-e certified renewable energy.

LOE is offered in a gloss and dull finish, in both white and cream color. Treacy Marketing Group has specified this paper for many print jobs over the years for its consistent outstanding quality on press. And now with a 30% Post Consumer Waste, the quality is even more rewarding. The paper that offers crisp definition to printed images and superior smooth finish also lets you make a socially responsible choice for your printing.