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Creative Solutions for Life’s Complications

We’re not big proponents of playing with your food, but we were inspired while, well…playing with a packet of Chuckles recently.

We started thinking about all of the practical uses for Chuckles and did some great brainstorming on the topic. Our friend and colleague, Breck Hanson, happened in on the conversation and suggested a couple of good ideas.  Here are two of his thoughts as well as one of our own.

Earring Back

You know what it’s like to lose the back of your earring.  You are just getting out of the cab when you hear it drop.  So, now rather than having to go earring-less, you can just reach into your purse, grab that packet of Chuckles, pick out a color that coordinates with your outfit, break off a corner and press the flat side up to the back of your ear.  Your earring is now secure and you can carry on as if nothing ever happened.

Table Wobble-Stopper

So you are at a nice restaurant with an important client and your table wobbles.  The old sugar packet standbys aren’t available.  Once again, you reach into your pocket for the Chuckles, pull one off (we suggest the black one) and place it under the foot of the table.  The table stops wobbling and you look like a hero.

Wine Stopper

There are those times when you just can’t finish that bottle of wine and yet when you go to put the cork back in it is nowhere to be found. Yes…..Chuckles to the rescue.  Squeeze a Chuckle in half vertically and place that in the bottle as a cork substitute. We can’t guarantee freshness, but it looks festive.

You are probably asking yourself, “What does this have to do with marketing?”  We liken it to the creative process and thinking outside the box – creative solutions for life’s complications.

Watch our blog for more creative ideas on what to do with Chuckles. Challenge your creativity and, as always, let us know how you Chuckle!