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The Value of Communicating Your Competitive Advantages

So you don’t want to compete on price anymore…..Then, you need to figure out what your true competitive advantage is.  What is it that your company offers that your customers are willing to pay for regardless of a competitive difference in pricing?

How can you truly differentiate your product, people or service to stand head and shoulders above the rest?  What is it that you do every day that you do better, faster, cheaper than anyone else?  Are you effectively communicating these advantages to your customers?  Do you know?

At Treacy Marketing Group, we help you discover your unique positioning by clarifying internal perceptions and then weighing those against perceptions of your customers and influencers.  With this information, we are able to objectively analyze any gaps and develop hard-hitting messaging that gets to the point.

How often have you asked your sales and marketing team what your company does best?  How often do their answers sound like something your competitor would say about themselves? It isn’t a competitive advantage if anyone else can claim it.  Go out and ask your customer and they can probably tell you exactly how you measure up – good and bad.

It’s this third-party information that Treacy Marketing Group gathers for you in order to define your company’s positioning, create a unique brand strategy and brand experience and hammer home your company’s competitive advantages in well-crafted messages that mean something to your customer.

This kind of strategic messaging equips you with the tools to end the haggling over price because it’s not about price. It’s about value.