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Ask George: Keep Clients Excited!

Reports suggest that an office pet not only increases employee morale, but is also a great client relationship builder. We couldn’t agree more.

Meet George, an integral member of our team. Every month, George will answer reader questions. George works well over 40 hours each week and sees numerous clients come through our office. He’s business savvy and has a thing or two to say about marketing.

Dear George,

Once my company seals the deal with a new client, what can we do to keep them excited about working with us?

Great question! First, celebrate the business (new chew toy, long walk around the neighborhood, etc.). Next, get to work! Make sure you build an extensive plan for the new client and the pending projects. After all, it is now your job to lose. You have to deliver what you promised!

Most of that is probably obvious to you. What you, and many others often forget, is to keep wagging your tail throughout the process. Stay excited about the work – if you stop wagging your tail, your client might find another company that will.

Hope that helps.


Email your questions to george@treacymarketing.com

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  • peter koutoujian says:

    George, read your site from top to bottom. Always thought Beth Treacy was extremely talented ,innovative and smart as a whip,but George you are absolutely brilliant. Wishing you All The Best, Love Ya. Peter K

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