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How Do You Chuckle?

School is almost out and resumes are streaming in from summer intern applicants from all over the country.  How is one to decipher the good from the bad – especially when most of these young people have little or no real work experience?

We found a way to cut through the clutter to find the sweetest of candidates.  We simply ask them during their interview to respond back to us with the order in which they like to eat their Chuckles.

It works every time — either we don’t hear back from them (and that tells us everything we need to know) or we get very creative answers and some new hires.

How do you Chuckle?

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  • Mike says:


    I usually eat them in two bites each. I give myself an extra minute or two between eating the black and the red one to let the licorice taste fade.

  • Juan (Tony) Ovalle says:

    Prior to knowing of the company, I had never heard of the candy. I did not know of the candy but its clever packaging makes it intriguing. I based my order solely on color; I was not disappointed. I started with Orange, then proceeded to red, followed that with yellow, went on to green and finished my ‘sit down’ with black. I have to admit, I very much liked the candy and feel I can enjoy more of them because they are fat free =P This jelly delight was a nice surprise and the experience served as a good story at dinner. The people at the dinner table found the story funny and had a chuckle of their own. Haha =P


  • Cathy says:

    Orange > Red > Yellow > Green

    …toss the Black

  • Karen Cuzzy Bear says:

    How do I chuckle?….Red is always first because you can’t go wrong with a berry flavor. Purple is next because I love grapes when berry flavors are no longer available. Green is last but not least. I save yellow and orange for when someone ask me to share. Hey 3 out of 5 is not bad.

  • Samantha says:

    When given a box of chuckles, I would choose no other option but to accept and indulge. However, I would not shove a handful in my mouth at one time like I’d do with M&Ms. I eat my chuckles with curiosity. I take the flavors such as cherry (red) and lemon (yellow), break them in halves and put the two halves in my mouth at once. With every bite, the flavor blends and I have created cherry-lemonade. I repeat the procedure with adventure to find out what the other flavors I can create out of a simple package of Chuckles. With this method, I’ve found that the flavor combinations are endless compared to the standard variety red, orange, green, yellow, and black.

  • Bart Grochowski says:

    I actually got an opportunity to chuckle during my lunch break at work. Once I opened up the packaging and pulled out the candy I received my chuckles in this particular order red, yellow, black, orange and green. Before I knew it I had a red chuckle already in my mouth because red is always a safe bet. To balance out the flavor then I tried the green and then the orange and then the yellow. Till it came to the very last black chuckle which I only took a little bite of because I was hesitant about the flavor. I could not go on to finish the black chuckle or liquorish being my least favorite flavor out of the bunch.   

  • Laura Remson says:

    At an interview, I expect nerves, I expect questions and I expect conversation. What I didn’t expect was a package of Chuckles candy. I’d never tried them before, so opening the package, I wasn’t sure what to think. It smelled like fruit salad and cardboard, not all that unpleasant. Usually, I’m a straight save-the-best-for-last kind of girl.
    I went straight for what I thought was grape. Wrong – licorice. I tossed it out. Following that I went Green – Yellow – Orange and finally Red. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Orange the most. I like the tanginess that the Red didn’t have. It was a little too medicine flavored. I also liked how the candy didn’t stick straight to my teeth.
    While I don’t share some people’s nostalgia for this treat, I understand where it’s coming from. I feel the same thing every time I see a commercial for Mac and Cheese. That said, I hope something like this triggers me 20, 30 years from now.

  • Hai says:

    I guess it depends on what kind of person I am that day. If I am in a bad mood I will eat all of the best flavor and give the rest to other people. For days that I feel normal, I will eat a good flavor, temper it with another flavor, and repeat the cycle until the little dentist in my head says “when.” On manic days, the order is however the candy flies into my mouth by the handful. Finally, on obsessive compulsive days I will eat each color once per cycle, taking care not to eat a certain color before all of its brethren have befallen the same fate.

    I think this is why I often prefer raisins; no choices to make. Well, except I like juicy ones first, then it goes by size…

  • Kelsey Jones says:

    How do I chuckle? I’m actually chuckling at the airport right now. I couldn’t wait to receieve my chuckles at TMG this morning, knowing prior to my interview that I would be given this nostalgic treat. I’ve never eaten chuckles before but I knew that it was important to strategize my first pick. So here I am in the Midway airport about to eat my first chuckle–at this moment a middle aged man stops in his tracks to blurt out– “Chuckles! I love chuckles.” No pressure, right? I offer him one but he says no (smart move). As I’m chuckling to myself now, I eat my first one. Red. Delicious! On to yellow, green, orange, then finally black which I immediately throw away after one bite–yuck.

    Chuckles beats airport food any day. My chuckles experience has both satisfied my sweet tooth and gave me a chuckle with a stranger. I’m looking forward to more chuckles in my near future!

  • Courtney Kenny says:

    As a full blown candy lover, it took a lot of self-control not to rip open the Chuckles as soon as they were in my hand. However, as a reformed picky eater (my mom still gasps every time she hears I like sushi), I knew that I wanted time to examine this foreign candy before my first bite. After some deliberation, I lined up each Chuckle according to what flavor I thought I would like from least to most…purple, green, yellow, orange and red.

    Knowing purple was black licorice flavored I was not looking forward to it, but wanting to keep my reputation as a reformed picky eater I knew I had to at least take a bite. Definitely dead last. It’s obviously an acquired taste and I know about two people in my life that actually like black licorice – my dad and his twin brother. Must have missed that gene, but at least I gave it a shot.

    Thankfully, everything looked up after that but not quite in the order I expected. This is how I should have lined them up…purple, red, orange, yellow and green. I guess you should never judge a chuckle by its color!

  • Benjamin Singer says:

    How do I chuckle thee? Let me count the ways: …oh, 5, I guess.

    Personally, I was pleasantly surprised to find–or, rather, to have Treacy Marketing Group introduce me to–a candy that actually varied significantly in flavor by color. It being my first time, and knowing that I could hardly be disappointed by any candy, I opened the package and my mind simultaneously, zenfully taking each piece as it came. Every one brought a new surprise and pleasure–including, most excitingly, licorice!

    Thanks, TMG, for a real treat!

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