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Ask George: Non-Profit Organizations

Dear George,

I know that Treacy Marketing Group has been very generous over the years in offering its marketing and design services to a variety of charitable organizations at little or no cost. And now, I understand that the company is reaching out in an even greater capacity in honor of its 20th anniversary to help non-profit organizations with their brand strategies and positioning. What’s a dog, like you, to make of all this pro-bono work?

In today’s economy, pro-bone(o) work is more important than ever. At Treacy Marketing Group, social responsibility and community involvement have long been part of our firm’s day-to-day conversation. The way we see it, what goes around, comes around. Our efforts to help others help us too and are an integral part of our business.

Michael E. Porter, the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School, shares our sentiment, stating that organizations should strategically choose a social issue and lend their talents to it. “No business can solve all of society’s problems or bear the cost of doing so. Instead, each company must select issues that intersect with its particular business,” says Porter.

Over the years we’ve shared our marketing talents with many organizations that needed help. We’ve planned and executed events for i.c. stars, a non-profit in Chicago with a mission to develop 1,000 community leaders by 2020. We’ve also worked with Athletes Against Drugs, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the Art Institute of Chicago, Redmoon Theater and many others.


George is our resident office dog and an integral member or the Treacy Marketing Group team.

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