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Intern Insights

Treacy Marketing Group’s internship program provides exposure, training and opportunity. We have had the pleasure of working with talented interns from Chicago and many others from across the nation.

The candidate pool is always competitive as the position is in high demand. We give interns the opportunity to explore the marketing field and find where their interests and talents intersect. Our team works closely with interns to help develop their skills and we often find full-time employee potential in our interns.

Laura and Karen, two TMG interns, provide some insight into their experiences with the firm.

What was the most memorable thing about your first day?

Laura: Beginning a new internship is a number of things; exciting, nerve-wracking and a new adventure. My first day, not one, but two members of the Treacy Marketing Group team told me my first week would be like a baptism by fire. They couldn’t have been more right.

Karen: On my first day as an intern, I got a look at what is involved when presenting a brand strategy to a client. I also had a chance to navigate through the server and read about our clients. It was interesting to see the variety of clients and different projects TMG works on.

What is something interesting that you didn’t expect at this internship?

Karen: Brainstorming sessions and quality checking the various products for clients have been interesting and unexpected. Quality checking showed me the importance of paying attention not just to major details, but minor ones as well. Through this, I’ve come to realize that attention to detail is always the number one priority in this company.

Laura: One thing I really didn’t expect was seeing the tactics and tools that I learned in school being directly utilized. Though we were told certain strategies would be important, sometimes when in the “school mindset,” it’s difficult to see the relevance of a SWOT or gap analysis, but they are readily used for our clients.

How does this internship at a strategic marketing firm compare to your other work?

Laura: My other internship experiences have been in corporate settings, not agency, so that’s been a big change. At Treacy Marketing Group, in one day, I might shift from the real estate industry to events to a clothing and jewelry line. Having multiple clients gives the opportunity for a lot of excitement and variety.

Karen: My previous job was more about going through a constant routine and there was not much room for creative input. At Treacy Marketing Group, each day is different and unique. As an intern, my input and involvement with the whole office is expected and appreciated. The learning tools gained can be transferred easily outside the office or to other professions.

What is your favorite thing you’ve worked on so far?

Karen: I have two favorite things I loved working on at Treacy Marketing Group. I absolutely enjoyed working on our recent Wine & Cheese event held for clients and friends. Observing and being a part of the set up and being included in the actual event was great. The conversations I had with clients and my coworkers in a relaxed and posh setting were very enjoyable. I also enjoyed working on a special event for a client that involved assembling invitations and dinner menus.

Laura: One of the best experiences I’ve had up to this point is seeing a brand being born. One of our clients has just started a new brand and I’ve been witness to and participated in creating the brand strategy, experience and positioning. It’s exciting to think that soon this work will be a brand.


Laura is a Journalism-Public Relations graduate of Baylor University, located in Waco, TX. She joined Treacy Marketing Group as a winter intern.

Karen is a DePaul graduate with a bachelor degree in marketing. She joined the Treacy Marketing Group team as a fall intern.  Her favorite quote is “If you’re going to get wet, you might as well go swimming.”

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  • Kelsey Jones says:

    Sounds like a great agency to work for! I’m currently looking for an internship, and Treacy Marketing Group looks like the ideal place to be. Karen–I am soon graduating from DePaul as well, with a bachelor degree in PR/Advertising. I’d love to hear how your education from DePaul has prepared you for great agencies like Treacy Marketing Group! I wish you both well in your future career goals.

    Kelsey Jones

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