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Ask George: Researching Perception

Dear George,

Your ability to be man’s best friend probably comes to you instinctively, but how do you know when your tail-wagging and hand-licking is having the desired impact?

It is a common misconception among humans that dogs are unconditional when it comes to giving out hand licks, but that’s just not true. We’re as strategic as any domesticated animal about how and when we leverage those tactics. Every breed has its own approach, so it is always best to do your research.

Some clients prefer a Golden Retriever because they’re energetic, loving and friendly with everyone, though they have a hard time saying no. Other clients prefer a Chihuahua for their strong will, intelligence and loyalty, even though they can be testy when challenged by the client. As for Beth Treacy, she picked me, a Tibetan Terrier, because we are a brave, intelligent, dedicated breed with natural leadership ability; but I’m flexible and like to do just as my client asks.

Every client has their preference, which many of our clients have gathered from their External Perception Studies. Your clients might think you aren’t wagging your tail hard enough. Maybe you’re wagging it too hard? You won’t know until you ask.

For all you know…they might be cat people!


George is our resident office dog and an integral member or the Treacy Marketing Group team.

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