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Ask George: Authentic Sustainability

Dear George,

Everybody’s barking about sustainability, but where’s the bite?

More and more companies are interested in using sustainability to their marketing advantage. But, before you embark on a green or sustainable marketing initiative, it is imperative to examine your operations to determine where improvements can be made to reduce your carbon footprint. If your actions are all bark with no bite, your target audiences will see right through it and your credibility will be lost.

At Treacy Marketing Group, we look for ways to create marketing solutions that are not only efficient but that also support our clients’ sustainable messaging. Just the other day, I was sniffing around the office and found some branded bamboo USB sticks. It was a good thing that I didn’t mistake them for a chew toy because this type of branded collateral can be a great sustainable tool for reducing large amounts of printed paper typically used for brochures, sales information and presentations. Finding ways to use USB flash drives and creating e-marketing solutions are just some of the things that we are doing at Treacy Marketing Group to help clients transition from traditional print-based marketing to digital media. It’s a sustainable competitive advantage and it’s worth wagging your tail about.

As we celebrate Earth Day this month, I promise to keep sniffing around for new, sustainable marketing tools and I encourage you to focus on what you can do to affect the environment in a positive, proactive manner. And then go out there and bark about it!


George is our resident office dog and an integral member or the Treacy Marketing Group team.

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