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TMG|20: And the 20 for 20 Winners Are…

A Safe Haven Foundation and Common Threads!

After much deliberation and review, Treacy Marketing Group is excited to have selected these wonderful organizations to receive our strategic marketing services. Chosen from a very talented and laudable group of applicants, A Safe Haven Foundation and Common Threads exhibited enthusiasm and demonstrated opportunity for partnership with Treacy Marketing Group.

A Safe Haven Foundation’s enthusiasm was apparent from the start. The strong team expressed their appreciation for the opportunity and was more than determined to partner with us in accomplishing their marketing goals.  Neli Vazquez-Rowland, A Safe Haven Foundation’s president and winner of Chicago Magazine’s 2011 Chicagoan of the Year award, has worked hard to build an organization that changes lives and serves a needy population that is often overlooked. Although the organization is well run and fulfills its mission, Treacy Marketing Group will partner with A Safe Haven Foundation to create an overarching brand strategy to effectively communicate key messages to their target audiences.

Common Threads brought their hard work to life by presenting our team with a special treat, Spiced Apple Butter, made by the children who benefit from the organization’s programs. Common Threads’ passion for their work is worn on their aprons, as is their enthusiasm for helping children across the country learn about the importance of cooking and nutrition. Art Smith, co-founder of Common Threads and award-winning chef, created the organization to educate children on cultural diversity, nutrition and physical well being through cooking and the arts. Treacy Marketing Group is excited to partner with Common Threads to develop a brand plan that effectively captures a cohesive identity and positions the organization for national recognition.

We would like to truly thank each participating organization and their wonderful supporters. We were honored to receive such a great response, and we wish you all continued success!

Keep an eye out for more information about our work with A Safe Haven Foundation and Common Threads.

TMG visits Common threads' cooking class at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park where the kids learned how to prepare foods from Kenya