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Blue Plate: Conscious Catering. Conscious Community.

Today, sustainable and green business initiatives are no longer the exception. They are the rule. As customers place more importance on corporate social responsibility, it has become increasingly critical for companies to implement sustainability messaging into their business and marketing strategies. Customers want to know what you are doing within your organization and how your business practices support universal efforts to protect our environment.

Blue Plate, one of Chicago’s top catering companies, is a committed leader in socially responsible catering services. The company operates three business units including Events, Weddings, and Direct. Across all divisions, Blue Plate has invested significant time and resources into the development of operational efforts towards becoming a zero waste organization. Some of the company’s initiatives include activation of a robust recycling program, replacement of industry-standard disposables with reusable plates and utensils and a company-wide composting program. In addition, Blue Plate has established symbiotic relationships with organizations such as Pacific Garden Mission to donate un-served food and with Special E which repurposes leftover items from events as well as ReCork to make soles of shoes from recycled wine corks.

Blue Plate asked Treacy Marketing Group to develop a comprehensive brand strategy with key messaging to position Blue Plate’s sustainability efforts in the Chicago market. We started from the inside-out, initially focusing on educational messages for employees before moving on to streamline external messages and identify true competitive advantages for the company in the marketplace.

It was important to ensure that all forms of communication from menus and proposals to packaging and sales efforts appropriately told the Blue Plate sustainability story. Now, armed with the right tools and messaging, Blue Plate employees, both in the office and on-site, are able to proudly talk about the company’s commitment to sustainability.

With a combination of eco-conscious organizational policies and cohesive internal and external messaging to communicate their commitment to our environment, Blue Plate is well-positioned as a socially responsible company and is poised to become the sustainability leader in the catering industry nationwide.