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2012 Forecast: Repurposing Moves from Buzzword to Valuable Strategy

Avocado shag carpet: so 70s. Shoulder pads: so 80s. Digital brochures: so web 1.0. Y2K: so, well, 2000. What does it take for a trend to develop staying power and transform from buzzword into the Next Big Idea?

TMG is keeping a close eye on ‘repurposing.’ Dictionary.com does not list the word, but offers this definition for purpose: the reason (sic) for which (sic) something exists or is done, made, used, etc. It seems only logical that repurposing can be defined as a modification of the original reason for which something exists or is done, made, or used in order provide renewed value.

Nothing Smells Worse than a Stale Blog

Savvy digital consumers looking for relevant content + marketers seeking a steady stream of information that can be easily transformed into content = repurposing. By linking existing thought leadership and information with the core of your brand (what you do better than anyone else) a repeatable and ongoing source of content has been identified. Repurposing information so that it is suitable for different audiences and a variety of tactics eliminates the need for marketing speak and goes directly to the heart of your company’s real value.

As marketing morphs from a one-way push activity to a dialogue-driven pull strategy, the idea of fixed content, of the type created for printed brochures, becomes less and less useful. In the rush to develop a corporate blog, for example, the challenge to post new and engaging content has been almost universally overlooked. The same can be said for the usual social media suspects Twitter and Facebook, as well as e-blasts, e-newsletters and webinars. Ever-changing digital content has made the old guards like event literature, tradeshow materials, and general collateral almost obsolete.

Renewed Value is Key

Yesterday’s processes for reaching the individuals in our markets provide weak results today. Great opportunities to engage and deliver real value lie in transforming the information and thought leadership your company generates daily into content that people in your market are eager to find and share. It’s a process that promises to be around for quite a while.