Mindshare - MasterMind ideas from the strategists at Treacy Marketing Group

Tactical Errors

Shrinking budgets and mandates to grow revenues are not only making us all more resourceful, they’re making us wiser. Business leaders are awakening to a new marketing reality where generating a program of tactics as a first step has become a costly stumble.

Investment versus expenditure

As technology continues to revolutionize marketing communications, content and intent are emerging as critical factors separating one-off marketing expenses from long-term business investments that have the capacity to develop brand equity and support company goals. To successfully compete for mindshare today, marketing communications must be highly focused (with succinct outward facing messaging) and reflective of clear intent (linked to internal business goals). Although creating tactics is still important, it no longer works at the outset. People are bombarded with information from an unprecedented number of avenues. Reactively joining the cacophony has become an expensive and outdated model.

In an investment-driven marketing paradigm, identifying what it is your company does better than anyone else, or your value position, is foremost in generating a road map for ongoing development of targeted integrated tactics. Filtering business goals through your unique value position will help to clarify what needs to be communicated to which audiences, as well as suggest tactics and channels that will have the greatest impact. Key performance indicators will allow for measurement of success and testing. Scalable and repeatable, this model creates a living marketing entity that can be tweaked, adjusted, and modified as priorities shift.

Tactics are tactile after all

Producing tactics has always seemed to be the way to go. Having something to hold in your hand or even view on screen is satisfying and has provided the illusion of accomplishment. Financial risks today are too high to mistake action for progress. Investing in a value focused internal and external marketing communications plan offers the potential for great rewards.