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Correspondence from Your Lost Prospect

Dear CEO,

I’ve just come from an event where I was seated at the same table with Brochure and Website from your company. This pleased me as I’m in need of the services and products you offer and had just been referred to your firm by a colleague. I spoke at length with Brochure and Website (good looking, by the way) and learned much about features, benefits, and contact information. When I asked if I might speak with Brand, I was told there was no one at your company by that name. Curious. While Brochure and Website provided much data, without Brand, my experience of your firm was colorless. How is your company different from the others that approach me daily? I’ve spoken with Brochures and Websites from your competitors, and honestly, beyond the logos, one is almost indistinguishable from the next.

To their credit your Brochure and Website offered to connect me with E-Blast. However, I don’t believe that is going to provide the brand experience I need in order to understand who your company is, what you do that is truly unique, and why this should matter to me.

Minus your Brand, I’m truly unsure of how to make sense of your offerings amid the cacophony of messages I receive from so many like you.

A. Lost Prospect