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There is a growing place for emotion in business and marketing strategies. After years of being relegated to the wimpy and unsophisticated, the concept of feeling is being recognized as the way to engage those individual human beings who make up your target audience. Tapping into the emotion quotient requires skill in key areas. Among them are how to measure success, use design wisely, and when to balance the evocative with data.
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Dear CEO,

I’ve just come from an event where I was seated at the same table with Brochure and Website from your company. This pleased me as I’m in need of the services and products you offer and had just been referred to your firm by a colleague. I spoke at length with Brochure and Website (good looking, by the way) and learned much about features, benefits, and contact information. When I asked if I might speak with Brand, I was told there was no one at your company by that name. Curious. While Brochure and Website provided much data, without Brand, my experience of your firm was colorless. How is your company different from the others that approach me daily? I’ve spoken with Brochures and Websites from your competitors, and honestly, beyond the logos, one is almost indistinguishable from the next.

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1. The Issue

Once upon a time, there existed a BIG COMPANY, founded many years ago. Next door to BIG COMPANY, was a SMALL FIRM, founded about seven years ago by a group of entrepreneurial go-getters. Even though these two companies were in different industries and had very different cultures, goals, and business models, they had one BIG CHALLENGE in common: they were unable to effectively communicate to target markets and influencers who they were, what they did and why it mattered.

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How closely have you been paying attention to the marketing transformations that surround us? Keyboards ready!
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Shrinking budgets and mandates to grow revenues are not only making us all more resourceful, they’re making us wiser. Business leaders are awakening to a new marketing reality where generating a program of tactics as a first step has become a costly stumble.

Investment versus expenditure

As technology continues to revolutionize marketing communications, content and intent are emerging as critical factors separating one-off marketing expenses from long-term business investments that have the capacity to develop brand equity and support company goals. To successfully compete for mindshare today, marketing communications must be highly focused (with succinct outward facing messaging) and reflective of clear intent (linked to internal business goals). Although creating tactics is still important, it no longer works at the outset. People are bombarded with information from an unprecedented number of avenues. Reactively joining the cacophony has become an expensive and outdated model.

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