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School is almost out and resumes are streaming in from summer intern applicants from all over the country.  How is one to decipher the good from the bad – especially when most of these young people have little or no real work experience?

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We’re not big proponents of playing with your food, but we were inspired while, well…playing with a packet of Chuckles recently.

We started thinking about all of the practical uses for Chuckles and did some great brainstorming on the topic. Our friend and colleague, Breck Hanson, happened in on the conversation and suggested a couple of good ideas.  Here are two of his thoughts as well as one of our own.

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chuck∙le (chŭk’əl)

intr. v., -led, -ling, -les.
To laugh quietly or to oneself.
To cluck or chuck, as a hen.
n. A quiet laugh of mild amusement or satisfaction.

When you come to Treacy Marketing Group and you sit down at our conference table, you’ll find something a bit unexpected in the center – a bowl of Chuckles candies. You remember those, don’t you? You know, five brightly colored jelly candies sprinkled with sugar and packaged in a wrapper that brings back childhood memories.

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