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People need to know who you are, what you do and why it matters. This goes well beyond surface notions to the core reason why your company exists. The passion and intensity of this truth is compelling. When succinctly and consistently communicated through a strong brand, it inspires action. Case Study: Learn how TMG’s approach will galvanize your marketing and sales efforts. »
The need to accelerate sales can result from many situations including:
  • Sales are driven by a single individual (i.e., the CEO, president or sales manager).
  • New markets have been identified.
  • The sales cycle has become highly commoditized and your company is competing on price.
Case Study: Learn how TMG aligns marketing with sales to deliver brand-aligned information that reaches prospects and current clients when and where they need it most. »
Companies need to build awareness for a variety of reasons, both internal and external, including:
  • The business is new and entering the market with an innovative product or service.
  • The company or organization has grown organically resulting in a confusing suite of deliverables.
  • Advanced technologies and online communities offer untapped opportunities to communicate relevance.
Case Study: Learn how TMG aligns brand story with business reputation to help build awareness and support business growth. »

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