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Conversation about your company is happening between your clients, prospects, and industry influencers via a myriad of channels. How you define the heart, voice, and face of your business is critical.

  • Position your brand for market relevance
  • Identify differentiators for competitive advantage
  • Build an engaging brand story to help meet and exceed long-and short-term business goals
  • Extend messaging into customer/client experiences
  • Brand-align marketing and sales to maximize lead generation

TMG’s branding services are designed to define:

  • Competitive Landscape
  • Target Markets
  • Key Personas
  • Brand Story
  • Core Messaging and Vocabulary
  • Decision Journey
  • Marketing/Implementation Tactics


How can a successful business remain relevant in today’s economy?

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Web Design and Development

If visitors find your messaging irrelevant then no one wins.

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Your website holds the front line of a strategic marketing program as its key brand ambassador, and is often a prospect’s first experience with your company.

A strong website functions as the hub of all your company’s marketing efforts. Intentionally designed tactics will drive traffic to the site where visitor data can be captured. The website is home for rich content about your company via video, white papers, tutorials, and more, that deliver the information prospects, clients, and influencers want to know, when they need it most.

Great web development will:

  • Maximize SEO and functionality
  • Deliver relevant and informative content that will make your company a go-to resource
  • Capture visitor data for lead generation and targeted business development
  • Identify which areas attract the most traffic
  • Maximize the user experience through a variety of well-placed interactive media


Aggressive growth goals need a strong brand voice that speaks through concise content and smart visuals.

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Creative Strategy

Great creative is not so great if it doesn’t communicate the right brand position.

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Despite having a reputation for being subjective, trendy, and driven by whim, successful creative strategies express the essence and relevancy of your company’s brand and invite engagement.

We design a comprehensive visual approach that is consistent across a program of tactics and channels, so you are assured of delivering a seamless brand experience and increasing awareness. Logo, color, and font will not distinguish your business among its competitors or support business development efforts.

Develop tactics with purpose and keep lines of communication open. TMG designs outreach programs that include:

  • Website
  • E-blast Campaigns and Templates
  • RFP and Sales Collateral
  • Branded Apparel
  • Digital and Traditional Advertising
  • Signage
  • Brand Guidelines Training Materials


How could a notable real estate developer avoid commoditization and differentiate its newest offering in a crowded urban market?

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Social Media and Public Relations

Set your agenda and tell your story not for the sake of conversation, but to achieve specific goals.
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Buzz is always important. Using multiple channels wisely is key. Understanding intended outcomes and how to develop the best content for different platforms is an art form.

The ideas you share shine a spotlight on your brand. They are timely, relevant, and make it clear why people want to engage in your conversation.

Build community around topics and issues that will:

  • Extend your brand
  • Deliver a distinctive perspective
  • Communicate important industry information
  • Inspire others to engage around shared purpose


Real estate development is risky business. In this case, timing social and media hype with the groundbreaking was essential.

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Executive and Leadership Team Consulting

Having a big idea is one thing; knowing how to make it real is another. Work with us to define your vision and move your business forward.

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