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How closely have you been paying attention to the marketing transformations that surround us? Keyboards ready!
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Shrinking budgets and mandates to grow revenues are not only making us all more resourceful, they’re making us wiser. Business leaders are awakening to a new marketing reality where generating a program of tactics as a first step has become a costly stumble.

Investment versus expenditure

As technology continues to revolutionize marketing communications, content and intent are emerging as critical factors separating one-off marketing expenses from long-term business investments that have the capacity to develop brand equity and support company goals. To successfully compete for mindshare today, marketing communications must be highly focused (with succinct outward facing messaging) and reflective of clear intent (linked to internal business goals). Although creating tactics is still important, it no longer works at the outset. People are bombarded with information from an unprecedented number of avenues. Reactively joining the cacophony has become an expensive and outdated model.

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Avocado shag carpet: so 70s. Shoulder pads: so 80s. Digital brochures: so web 1.0. Y2K: so, well, 2000. What does it take for a trend to develop staying power and transform from buzzword into the Next Big Idea?

TMG is keeping a close eye on ‘repurposing.’ Dictionary.com does not list the word, but offers this definition for purpose: the reason (sic) for which (sic) something exists or is done, made, used, etc. It seems only logical that repurposing can be defined as a modification of the original reason for which something exists or is done, made, or used in order provide renewed value.

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Change is an opportunity to make course corrections, update, and modify. It can invigorate and inspire. But what about changes so all-encompassing that the external industry landscape has shifted to the extent that nothing less than a fundamental revision of business strategy is necessary? If you’re in healthcare, federal mandates may be behind a transition of this magnitude, affecting delivery of clinical care as well as operational systems. Commodity driven price structures are challenging margins in manufacturing. Technology firms are struggling to differentiate in a crowded market.

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Dear George,

I’m very interested in TMG’s Ogee Platform and wondering if you could elaborate. Is it safe to assume the G in the logo refers to you, George?

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