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Over the past 20 years, we have had the pleasure of working with many dynamic individuals from diverse industries. John Barnett, a successful physical therapist who turned his passion for building unique, high-end furniture into a career, is someone you should know… Continue Reading..

Reports suggest that an office pet not only increases employee morale, but is also a great client relationship builder. We couldn’t agree more.

Meet George, an integral member of our team. Every month, George will answer reader questions. George works well over 40 hours each week and sees numerous clients come through our office. He’s business savvy and has a thing or two to say about marketing.

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We are happy to spotlight Beth Treacy’s inclusion in the November issue of Traditional Home featuring “Companies that Care.” Beth’s work to support local agriculture and community with A Seat at the Table, an organization she founded in 2008, has garnered both local and national media attention.

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For nearly 20 years, Treacy Marketing Group has been developing and executing integrated marketing plans for our clients. We are constantly evolving to meet our clients’ needs and the prevalence of social media today has given us an opportunity once again to expand our capabilities. As the way we communicate has changed, so have we.

Social media has broken down barriers in many positive ways, but something has caught our attention from a strategic branding perspective: planning is often eschewed for action, leading to blogs that are not designed under the existing brand, facebook pages that have mixed messages of personal and business information, and off-message tweets that all add up to a compromised brand.

In a rush to embrace new media companies have, in many cases, forgotten or diluted their brand message. We have recognized this misstep in the marketplace and are now consulting our clients on Strategic Social Media™.

How is Strategic Social Media™ different from regular social media?

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So you don’t want to compete on price anymore…..Then, you need to figure out what your true competitive advantage is.  What is it that your company offers that your customers are willing to pay for regardless of a competitive difference in pricing?

How can you truly differentiate your product, people or service to stand head and shoulders above the rest?  What is it that you do every day that you do better, faster, cheaper than anyone else?  Are you effectively communicating these advantages to your customers?  Do you know?

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Yes it’s October and yes the Treacy Marketing Group office is already buzzing with talk of our 2009 holiday marketing plans. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year’s… no matter which holidays you celebrate, it’s all about having fun with the season, wishing Happy Holidays to your clients and strengthening relationships.

Here are a few tried and true tips to keep your brand visible this holiday season.

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We’re not big proponents of playing with your food, but we were inspired while, well…playing with a packet of Chuckles recently.

We started thinking about all of the practical uses for Chuckles and did some great brainstorming on the topic. Our friend and colleague, Breck Hanson, happened in on the conversation and suggested a couple of good ideas.  Here are two of his thoughts as well as one of our own.

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In the age of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, more and more people are logging in and sharing their views and opinions with their friends, connections and followers. There are great opportunities for businesses and marketers to share information about themselves and to gain valuable insights into the opinions of their target audience; what they like, what they don’t like, and what’s the latest buzz.

Although many individuals and brands are finding success in the Web 2.0 landscape, there are just as many stories of missteps and missed opportunities. It can be easy to forget the hazards of posting a tweet, status update, or blog post.

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Many companies are moving to reduce paper usage within their office. Take, for instance, electronic billing, e-newsletters, and the widely-used email footer “Please consider the environment before printing this email.” Treacy Marketing Group is also doing our part by sending as many documents via email as possible, including design concepts as PDF.

The reality, however,  is that we are still not an entirely paperless society.

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As Treacy Marketing Group makes the transition to paperless invoicing, let us take a look at the environmental impact this one decision will make.

Americans use over 90 million tons of paper, almost 700 pounds per person, per year.  Every ton of paper you help divert from the landfill helps save 1.2 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from going into the atmosphere.  This is an effect of simply the paper we use everyday.

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