Case Study

Atomatic Mechanical Services


Inflection Point
A revitalization of HVAC leader Atomatic Mechanical Services’ residential brand was needed before aggressive revenue goals could be met. Key to the success of the initiative was maintaining the integrity of the company’s longstanding commercial reputation.

Ogee Platform Solution
Interviews with leadership, staff and customers revealed a wealth of competitive advantages associated with Atomatic’s highly relational customer service methodology. Featuring the Atomatic hero as the brand persona, TMG strategists developed an engaging platform based upon the promise of a top-tier, reliable, experience that showcased the company’s impeccable skill, professionalism, and unwavering attention to customers’ needs and safety. To substantiate the brand story and bring it to life, TMG developed and executed a 0 – 120 Day Launch Plan that included content strategies and the design and production of templates for ongoing traditional and digital campaigns, truck design, and a website update.

With targeted goals developed for each tier of the program, Atomatic leadership is poised to develop new markets for its residential division, retain existing customers, and plan for long- and short-term growth.