Case Study

Mesirow Financial

Financial/Professional Services

Inflection Point
While an entrepreneurial culture had been key to the success of global financial services firm Mesirow Financial, it spawned a firm-wide array of disconnected brand messages. As the company positioned itself for the next level of growth, the need to clarify messaging enterprise wide became apparent. How could the firm develop internal and external editorial and creative platforms that unified and differentiated the brand, raised awareness, and retained the company’s defining spirit of client service and independence? How might the solutions help to capture untapped markets?

Ogee Platform Solution
TMG launched the initiative by defining The Mesirow Experience as a distinctive amalgam of internal ideals and business acumen. As the benchmark of the program, it provided laser sharp clarity of the firm’s brand value drivers and directed all subsequent efforts that included:

  • Matrix of key market characteristics
  • Prospect-to-client sales/retention funnel
  • Development and mapping of salient brand messages to the sales process
  • Creative and editorial direction specifying use of color, design, and language for 100+ tactics/year
  • Training of internal marketing team

Marketing managers and financial advisors have a clear and repeatable communication framework for development of content that is rooted in the brand experience and linked with client/prospect need. The system makes it easy to see where efforts need to be increased or decreased throughout the relationship cycle so that the appropriate information can be delivered when and where it is needed.