Case Study



Inflection Point
Prescient is transforming the construction industry by harnessing the power of technology to integrate architectural design, engineering, and manufacturing. However, a confusing and repetitive array of brand messages was making it difficult for the company to effectively communicate who it was and why it mattered. Prescient’s upward growth trajectory was endangered.

Ogee Platform Solution
Central to the brand strategy was delivery of a message platform that clearly linked Prescient’s multiple disciplines with its long-range capacity to have a positive impact on urban development. A call-to-action, Revolutionize the Building Environment, extended the brand position across all channels. Focused messaging and visual programs allowed the company to shift its story from a commodity platform to one that is value based, collaborative, and success oriented.

Prescient accurately positions itself among its core industries as the company continues to expand nationally. Brand messaging and creative strategies manage perception so that markets understand Prescient’s unique capabilities and how it delivers value.