Case Study

The Geraghty


Inflection Point
A nationally renowned event décor company wanted its new business venture, The Geraghty, to be known as one of the largest and most technologically equipped event venues in Chicago. To ensure this ambitious goal was met, development of a memorable website was a top priority. The digital experience had to align with the energy and dynamism of the space, and create a brand entity independent of the parent business.

Ogee Platform Solution
A TMG team of strategists, designers, developers, and digital marketers agreed that a savvy interactive module would best capture the imaginations of event planners seeking the perfect spot to host a major event in Chicago. A digital Inspiration Board became the centerpiece of the site, showcasing The Geraghty’s abundant features, while highlighting an impressive collection of images from past events. Following a series of prompts, visitors are asked to provide basic details and choose from a variety of carefully categorized images in response to a series of questions that mimic initial sales conversations. Because lead generation was an important part of the strategy, opt-in data capture releases a PDF of the completed Inspiration Board to The Geraghty sales staff and to the prospective client.

With a wealth of initial information provided by the Inspiration Board, sales teams are able to have substantive follow-up conversations with prospects and move quickly to develop the relationship. Trust is enhanced by The Geraghty’s digital demonstration of its audiences’ needs while visitors appreciate the opportunity to efficiently outline their vision.

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